Island Surge and Wave Measurements and Modeling

SWIMS - Surge & Wave Island Modeling Studies

Typhoon Man-Yi, Japan
July 2007.
SWIMS, an element under the Coastal Field Data Collection Program (CFDCP), research approach is to develop, improve, link, and validate the next generation models to realistically represent island wave and inundation processes.

Island coasts and populations are extremely vulnerable to tropical storms, but existing methodologies for analyzing hurricane/typhoon waves were developed for mainland coasts. Islands have special concerns such as adjacent deep water, very large incident storm waves, and fringing coral reefs. Coastal inundation calculation methodologies for island coasts have not received attention commensurate with the importance and complexity of the processes. SWIMS models include a range of fidelities to meet needs ranging from emergency planning to project design:

  • Perform physical model studies on wave transformation, setup, and runup on steep bathymetry and fringing reefs to improve understanding of the processes
  • Apply Pacific Islands Land-Ocean Typhoon Experiment (PILOT) field measurements and SWIMS laboratory data to validate models and modeling system.
  • Package models for practical application by Districts and local entities