Island Surge and Wave Measurements and Modeling

SWIMS Laboratory Data

University of Michigan Wind Flume Experiments - Zeki Demirbilek (P.O.C.)

An experimental study was conducted at the University of Michigan wind-wave flume in August-September 2006 to quantify wind effects on wave runup on fringing reefs. The first objective for SWIMS was to investigate the effect of wind on wave processes affecting the inundation of Pacific islands resulting from the passage of typhoons and hurricanes. The second objective was to obtain laboratory data to evaluate Boussinesq wave models (BOUSS-1D/2D) runup calculation capability over steep and highly dissipative slopes and structures, including reef-like surfaces.

An extensive data set has been developed from this laboratory study for a wide range of wind and wave conditions for flooding over reef-type topographies. The data report describes the experiment and data, general features of the experiment, description of test facility, instrumentation, test conditions, and preliminary results. Raw data from this laboratory study are provided below in zip files:

University of Michigan Wind Flume Data
a) Raw Data (33.7 Mb) (56.4 Mb) (328.3 Kb)
b) Documentation
   Readme-UMrawdata.pdf (26.1 Kb)