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Duck 94 Experiment Descriptions and Data
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This page provides access to descriptions of the DUCK94 experiments, summaries of the instruments used and data collected, and access to some online DUCK94 data.

Summary of Collected Data

A summary of the instruments and of the data collected is available in two formats, Microsoft EXCEL spreadsheet (*.xls) and Adobe PDF (*.pdf). For a free PDF reader, link to Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Note: Some of the text in the pdf files is very small, we suggest printing them). The files are arranged according to the month and include information on all the experiments. The files are:

    August  DUCK94_AugData.PDF (115K) DUCK94_AugData.xls (413K)
    October  DUCK94_OctData.PDF (205K) DUCK94_OctData.xls (758K)
    Others  DUCK94_OtherData.PDF (19K) DUCK94_OtherData.xls (83K)

Experiment Descriptions

The following is a list of the experiments including the time period when they were conducted. The links lead to descriptions of the experiments which were prepared before the experiment was completed. Additional links lead to online data if its available. Readers interested in particular data are encouraged to contact the lead PI. See: Addresses

Beach, Holman, Sternberg 		Aug, Oct       
	Sediment Dynamics in the Nearshore Environment

Church, Elgar, Guza 			Sep   
 	Mine Scour, Burial, and Migration as a Function of 
	Wave and Current Forcing

Drake, Smith 				Aug, Oct
 	Nearshore Sedimentary Structures

Dugan 					Oct
	Airborne Remote Sensing of the Environment in the 
	Littoral Zone

Earle					Aug, Oct
	Real-Time Buoy Directional Wave Measurements for 
	Driving Surf ZoneNumerical Computer Models

Earle, Walsh, Boyd 			Oct
	Scanning Radar Altimeter (SRA) Sea Surface 
	Topography and High Resolution Directional 
	Wave Measurements

Elgar, Guza 				Aug,Oct
	Temporal and Spatial Variability of the Bathymetry 
	of a Natural Beach 

Fabre, Wilson, Earle 			Aug, Oct
	Wave and Surf Generated Ambient Noise Measurements

Graber, Shay, Haus 			Oct
	A Study of Sediment Transport Using Assimilated 
	Surface Current Measurements Into a Coupled Model for 
	Currents and Waves

Herbers, Elgar, Guza, O'Reilly 		Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov       	DATA 
	Surface Gravity Waves and Nearshore Circulation
Haines, Gelfenbaum 			Oct
	Vertical Structureof Mean Currents and Turbulent Stresses 
	in the Nearshore Boundary Layer

Hanes, Vincent 				Aug, Oct       
	Near Bed Intermittent Suspension

Hanes 					Aug, Oct
	Remote Video Measurement of Mesoscale Nearshore Processes

Hathaway, Leffler 			Aug, Oct      
	Rip Current Mapping

Hay, Bowen 				Oct
	Sediment Suspension, Local Morphology, and Bubbles

Holman, Holland, Plant 			Aug, Oct
	Foreshore Dynamics

Howd, Hathaway 				Aug, Oct
	Processes of Nearshore Profile Adjustment

Jensen 					Aug, Oct      
	Evolution of Wave Spectra in Shallow  Water 

Lippman, Thornton, Stanton, Su,  	Aug, Oct
	Spatial Distribution of WaveBreaking and Turbulence

Livingston, Wolf, Pasewark 		Oct
	Wave and Surf Noise Measurements: Supplementation

Long 					Aug, Sep, Oct
	Wind Wave Frequency-Directon Spectral Measurements

Miller 					Aug, Oct
	Longshore Sediment Transport During Storms

Stauble, Smith, Birkemeier 		Aug, Oct       		DATA
	Sediment Dynamics and Profile Interactions 
	Sampling Experiment

Thornton, Dingler			Aug, Oct
	Small Scale Morphology in the Nearshore

Thornton, Stanton 			Aug, Oct
	Suspended and Bedload Sediment Transport

Trizna 					Aug, Oct
	Radar Remote Sensing ofNearshore Processes: 
	Bar Morphology, Directional Wave Spectra,
	Infragravity Waves, Wave Breaking 

Walker 					Aug
	Hyperspectral Optical Characterization of 
	Bottom/Resuspended Sediment in the SurfZone

Werner, Elgar 				Jun, Sep
	Swash Zone Morphology: Field Manipulation 
	and Simulation

White 					Aug, Oct
	Field Tests of Sediment Transport Theories

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