Hurricane Bonnie - FRF
Hurricane Bonnie
at the Field Research Facility in Duck, NC
August 27, 1998
A summary of Bonnie's impact at the FRF.

The Field Research Facility began recording arriving swell caused by Hurricane Bonnie at 0700 EST on August 23rd. Not much happened until the wave height peaked at 3.9 m at 1634 EST August 27th when the eye passed overhead and the barometer bottomed out at 992 mb at 1700 EST. Swell waves continued until the 28th. Though the impact of Bonnie was felt greater at landfall in southern North Carolina and in Virginia Beach, VA, she was still a well-documented significant event for the FRF. In this page, we collect together some of our observations of Bonnie for easier access. If you find the information useful, or want more, drop us a line.
Beach snapshots during the storm.

North - 27Aug1100              South - 27Aug1122

Before - 24Aug1300North 24Aug1300East 24Aug1300South
During - 27Aug1100North 27Aug1111East 27Aug1122South
After    - 29Aug1600North 29Aug1611East 29Aug1622South

Time exposures during the storm.

North - 27Aug1101              South - 27Aug1123

Before - 24Aug1301North 24Aug1312East 24Aug1323South
During - 27Aug1101North 27Aug1112East 27Aug1123South
After    - 29Aug1601North 29Aug1612East 29Aug1623South

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Pictures of Hurricane preparations at the FRF

Data Plot            Spectra Archives

Plot Highlights of Spectra from Bonnie
24Aug2200 25Aug0100 25Aug0400 25Aug0700 25Aug1000 25Aug1300 25Aug1600 25Aug2200

Wind Gust Table    Data Table

Bonnies Track - Courtesy of
"The Weather Underground"

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Satellite Images Courtesy of NOAA

Infrared Satellite Images (Times GMT)

Water Vapor Satellite Images (Times GMT)

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