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SandyDuck '97 Media Coverage
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SandyDuck was an important experiment for coastal science and engineering. It was the centerpiece of a decade of discovery to better understand how beaches erode and recover in response to passing nor'easter storms and hurricanes. Because of our nation's growing interest in living or vacationing at the coast, and our familiarity with recent hurricanes such as Hugo, Andrew, Opal, and Fran, there was considerable public and media interest in the SandyDuck.

Print media coverage:

Burke, Elizabeth, "Where does the sand go?," Coastwatch, North Carolina Sea Grant, Winter 1998, pg 22-25

Burns, Richard, "SandyDuck 97," Sea Technology, Vol39, No 1, January, 1998, pg 51-59

Dean, Cornelia, "Mapping the Beach One Grain at a Time," New York Times, October 21, 1997.

DeGregory, Lane, "Shoreline changes daily, 6-week study after storm shows," Virginia Pilot, October, 29, 1997

"Experiment will look at how beaches erode," USA Today, October 7, 1997

Holian, Lisa, "Sandy scientists invade Duck," North Beach Sun, Summer 1997

Langston, Jennifer, "Tracking secrets of the sand," Virginia Pilot, 13 July 1997

USA Today, Outer Banks Sentinel, Coastland Times North Beach Sun, and

Thompson, Estes, "Beach research tracks shifting sand," Wilmington Morning Star, January 14, 1998 (and other AP papers)

Varah, Patrick, "SandyDuck winds up successfully," The Coastland Times, November 9, 1997

Video coverage:

CNN Science and Technology Week

University of North Carolina Public TV - North Carolina Now

The Weather Channel - five live broadcasts from SandyDuck on October 18, 1997

NY Times TV - Science Times (to be broadcast spring 1998)

As results from the SandyDuck experiment become available, we hope to post them at these web site, or add connecting links to investigators web sites. Research on the collected data is actively underway and will be first presented during the Fall 1998 meeting of the American Geophysical Society held in December 1998.

Press Release #2: 26 August 1997, Press Release announcing SandyDuck

Revised: April 22, 1998

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