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SandyDuck '97 Photo Gallery
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The links below connect to a series of image shows documenting SandyDuck activities. The images in these shows are low-resolution copies selected from a series of 960x1080 pixel images taken during the experiment. The high resolution images can be obtained from the FRF SandyDuck Image Site.

NOTE: Shows display best at a screen resolution of 800x600 or better. The auto-running feature works fine on PC's but we have heard it is too fast on Macs and some Unix workstations. Manual advance works on all platforms. You may have to scroll your screen to display the control buttons.

30 May - 12 June 1997: Data collection trailers and Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) equipment arrive.
1 - 14 July 1997: Data collection trailers in position, SIO instrument frame (SPUVT) construction and deployment, FRF public tour (1 Aug 97)
14 - 28 July 1997: Dalhousie equipment arrival, Miller/Resio Pb Line cart construction, instrument deployment, Tropical Storm Danny (4 Aug 97)
29 July - 1 August 1997: Inside views of data trailers and work spaces, instrument preparations (6 Aug 97)
4 - 6 August 1997: CANUCK (Canadian Duck) instruments and deployment, NC State Sidescan work from the LARC, general views (6 Aug 97)
7-10 August 1997: CANUCK Instrument deployment, inflatable boat launches, NC State on the LARC, fence construction (11 Aug 97)
9-11 August 1997: Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey, University of Florida (UFL), Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) suspended sediment water pumps, Sensor Insertion System (SIS) Instrument Arm. (15 Aug 97)
12-15 August 1997: Lippmann's (SIO) Video Ground Control Points (GCP) are deployed, USGS team at work, UFL frame preparation, Smith (SIO) arrives (18 Aug 97).
15-20 August 1997: Howd's University of South Florida (USF) Acoustic Doppler Profiler (ADP) frames, USGS vertical current profiling stack, Smith (SIO) setup (20 Aug 97)
21-25 August 1997: USGS stack deployment, Trowbridge of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) deploymt, Sensor Insertion System (SIS) work (25 Aug 97).
Summer Cruises of the RV Cape Hatteras: Shipboard images from Todd Nelson (VIMS), Cary Humphries (SIO) and Rebecca Beavers (Duke). (15 Oct 97)
26-29 August 1997: Leslie Reinherz (NYTimes TV) filming; USGS setup, SIO action, Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) equipment arrival, Ming Su's of Naval Research Lab (NRL) arrives, Jerry Smith (SIO) deployment, SIS work (29 Aug 97)
29 Aug - 3 Sep 1997: Smith (SIO) helicopter deployment; boat launches; Su preparations; strong front passage (13 Sep 97)
4 - 10 September 1997: Hanes (UFL) deployment; Heitmeyer (NRL) deployment; VIMS dive; Beach, Oregon State University (OSU) arrives (13 Sep 97)
11-12 September 1997: OSU sensors and pipes; Howd (USF) & Hathaway (FRF) Bipod preparations; Thornton (NPS) trenching (13 Sep 97)
13-17 September 1997: Herbers (NPS) instrument servicing; Howd (USF) and USGS prep.; Thornton & Stanton sled construction (NPS); Beach (OSU) deployment; Su (NRL) and Heitmeyer (NRL) activities (17 Sep 97)
Canuckduck Picture Gallery: Check out some of the Canadian SandyDuck action!
17-20 September 1997: NPS sled heads to the beach; First SandyDuck social activity; Drake and Snyder, North Carolina State (NCSU) work on the CRAB; OSU jet skis (20 Sep 97)
21-24 September 1997: SIS instrumentation, OSU ATV surveying, NPS and NCSU instrumentation on the CRAB (25 Sep 97)
25-30 September 1997: NPS sled; jet ski and ATV surveys; LARC operations; Gayes of Coastal Carolina University (CCU) survey; and more (2 Oct 97)
1-10 October 1997: NPS sled, jet ski, SIS instruments, views from the CRAB, and more (12 Oct 97)
11-20 October 1997: Nor'easter storm, Weather Channel, STORM team and the SIS, Boxcores (21 Oct 97)
21-28 October 1997: Work on CRAB, forklift in the beach, CNN interviews and CNN's Ann Kellan rides CRAB, (28 Oct 97)
Helicopter Overflight: OSU Argo ATV, NPS sled being pulled, aerial views of FRF, Kitty Hawk, and Kill Devil Hills (28 Oct 97)

These shows were prepared by Charlotte Martin with help from Rebecca Beavers.
(revised 27 April 1998)

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