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SandyDuck Researchers
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Persons pictured below were sighted at the Field Research Facility in Duck, NC during the SandyDuck '97 Experiment. They are organized by experiments. Lead investigators are shown first followed by everyone else in no particular order. (updated 11/8/97).

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Beach, Holman, Sternberg, Ogston, Conley: Fluid-Sediment Interactions in the Surf Zone

Drake, Snyder: Side-Scan Sonar Studies of Nearshore Morphology in the Vicinity of Duck, NC

Dugan: Nearshore Measurements for Long-Range Remote Sensing

Edson: Application of a Marine Surface Layer Model to the Coastal Environment

Elgar, Herbers, O'Reilly, Guza: Surf zone Waves, Currents, and Morphology

Friedrichs, Brubaker, Wright, Vincent: Cross-Shoreface Suspended Sediment: A Response to the Intersection of Nearshore and Shelf Processes

Haines, Gelfenbaum, Wilson: Vertical Structure, Bedforms, and Turbulence

Hanes, Vincent: Near Bed Intermittent Suspension

Hay, Bowen, Doering, Zedel: Nearshore Sediment Dynamics: Suspension, Bedforms, and Bubbles

Heitmeyer: Surf-Noise Experiment

Herbers, O'Reilly, Guza: Wave Propagation Across the Continental Shelf

Holland, Sallenger: Swash Zone Morphology

Holman: Large Scale Response

Howd, Beavers: Geologic Signature of Storm Events on the Inner Continental Shelf and Outer Surf Zone

Howd, Hathaway: Shoreface Processes and Resulting Bed Response

Jensen: Evolution of Wave Spectra in Shallow Water Part II

Jol: Ground Penetrating Radar of the Beachface/ Shoreface, SandyDuck Experiment

Lippmann: Observations of Nearshore Wave Breaking, Whitecapping, and Large Scale Sand Bar Morphology

List: Regional Shoreline Change

Long: Directional Wave Observations

Miller, Resio: "Bulk" Sediment Transport Rates During Storms

Program Managers

Sallenger: Coastal Applications of Scanning Airborne Laser (LIDAR)

Smith: Observations of Waves and Currents Near the Surf Zone

Su, Teague: Coastal Breaking Wave and Bubble Measurements

Svendsen, Grosskopf: Field Measurements and Nearshore Modeling at SandyDuck

Thornton, Stanton: Nearshore Wave and Sediment Processes

Trizna, Kirby: Experiment Tests of Boussinesq Wave Models in the Near Shore Zone

Trizna: Marine Radar Remote Sensing of Bar and Rip Morphology

Trowbridge: Measurement of Bottom Stress in the Wind- and Wave-forced Nearshore Environment

Volunteers - Sand Lab/Sensor Insertion System

Wu, Shih, Kobayashi: Nearshore Water Level Profiles During Storms

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