Oregon Inlet
Oregon Inlet in North Carolina, the only inlet along a 170 km stretch of coast, supports an active commercial fishing and recreational boating industry. Severe erosion, because of the ongoing migration of OI, resulted in NC constructing a terminal groin in 1990 to prevent the highway from being cut off from the south side of the bridge. As with most natural tidal inlets, OI has seen these dynamic changes since its opening in 1846, and has migrated more than two miles south of its original location. Monitoring programs are attempting to determine whether or not further engineering efforts are required to stabilize the inlet. Part of this program involves aerial photography, and those pictures have been combined here to give mosaics of OI dating as far back as 1932.

Oregon Inlet Tide Data & Wave Data
The following pages contain aerial photos (mosaics) of Oregon Inlet from the years 1932 - 1998. To view the high resolution image, click on the thumbnail.
  • Oregon Inlet Aerials 1932 - 1975
  • Oregon Inlet Aerials 1976 - 1990
  • Oregon Inlet Aerials 1990 - 1998

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