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Wilmington Harbor Project Monitoring

Co-Sponsors, Investigators, and Engineering Partners

The following is a list of partnerships that have developed to this date. The list includes co-sponsors who have contributed equipment, funding, and in other ways as well. The list also includes investigators who have committed to specific activities related to the objectives of this program. If anyone has been omitted, we apologize.

South Atlantic Division - Wilmington (SAW )
  Mr. Wayne Bissett - Project Engineer, Primary Partner*
  Mr. Bill Dennis - Principle Investigator (PI)**
  Mr. Frank Yelverton - PI

State of North Carolina, Division of Water Resources
  Mr. John Morris - Primary Partner

Engineering Research and Development Center ( ERDC )

  • Field Research Facility ( FRF)
    1261 Duck Rd.
    Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
    (252) 261-3511

      Mr. Bill Berkemeier - Primary Partner
      Mr. Carl Miller - Coastal Monitoring Program Manager, PI

  • Coastal Inlets Research Program (CIRP)
      Dr. Nick Kraus - Primary Partner, PI
      Mr. Bill Seabergh - PI
      Ms. Julie Rosati - PI
      Dr. Adele Militello - PI

  • Wave Research Studies
      Dr. Jane Smith - Primary Partner
      Dr. Ed Thompson - PI

  • Dredging Operations and Environmental Research (DOER)
      Dr. Joe Gailani - Primary Partner, PI
      Mr. Jack Davis - PI

US Coast Guard

  • Fifth Coast Guard District
      Mr. John Walters - Primary Partner

      T.L. White, CWO3 (BOSN)
      Aids to Navigation Branch
      Hardware Manager

      Dave Merrill, First Lieutenant
      Coast Guard Cutter Elm

  • Oak Island Station  (see photo to right)
      Chief Contrell - Logistics
      Petty Officer Swain - Logistics

University of North Carolina
  Prof. Rick Ludic
  Ms. May Becker

College of William and Mary - VIMS
  Dr. Jessie McNinch - PI
  Prof. Carl Friedrichs - PI
  Ms. Grace Battisto - PI

University of North Carolina- Wilmington
  Dr. Lynn Leonard - PI

* "Primary Partners" have arranged for material or financial support.
** "PI" denotes Principle Investigator