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Wilmington News and Schedule
Here you will find summaries of past events and plans for the future.

Sep 2006
         EL, BH, OK service trip

Aug 2006
         OK, BH service trip

Feb 2005
         OK, BH, EL service trip

Oct 2004
         OK, BH service trip

May 2004
         OK, EL, BH service trip (new pipes)

Apr 2004
         OK service trip

Dec 2003
         OK, EL, BH service trip

Sep 2003
         OK, EL, BH service trip

Jul 2003
         service trip

Apr 2003
         OK service trip

         service trip

Mar 2003
         service trip

         service trip

         service trip

Jul 2002
         service trip

         service trip

         service trip

Jun 2002
         service trip

         service trip

         service trip

Jun 2001
        Service Trip Planned - During the week of June 11th, a trip to Cape fear to service the gauges is planned, during which the Bald Head real time link will be re-established. The Oak Island gauge will be converted to real time and should be available on the web site shortly there after. Data for March through June, which include the storm in late March, will be retrieved, processed, and posted on this web site as soon as possible.

April 2001
        Emergency trip to repair Bald Head gauge - It is determined that the cable is not salvageable at this time. The gauge was removed and serviced. It was re-installed in a self-recording mode.

March 2001
        Bald Head Island wave gauge real time link damaged - A storm passed through Tuesday evening, March 20, 2001, around 1900 hrs. It took out the dune and exposed the data cable on south beach. Cleanup crews attempted to cut the cable with a bolt cutter, which damaged the real time link.

March 1, 2001
        The Corps begins placing sand on the beach of Bald Head Island.
[ See photo of Stuyvesant to right ]
November 5, 2000
        Oak Island gauge struck by fishing trawler - When diver arrived to service the gauge, he found that the pod in which the gauge was mounted was in a vertical position, with two of the pipes on one end pulled out of the bottom. Repairs were made and the gauge was reinstalled. It appears that only about one week of data was lost. A new 26 foot long special-use buoy with a light package has been installed to mark the location and hopefully prevent this from happening again.