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Monitoring Project Impact on the Coast
The Wilmington Harbor Project has many components along the coast, including: deepening and realigning the approach channel to the Cape Fear River, beneficial use of dredged material by placing suitable sand on the adjacent beaches, and the disposal of over 20 million cubic yards of material in an approved Offshore Dredge Material Disposal Site (ODMDS).

Wave and current measurements, beach and offshore surveys, and other activities will be used to manage the beneficial use of the sand and to monitor the the various aspects of the project.

A description of the monitoring plan can be found in the June, 2000 document Wilmington Harbor Monitoring Plan which can be found here.

Wilmington Monitoring Programs
The Wilmington District is committed to monitoring throughout the construction and operation of the Wilmington Harbor Project. Three major monitoring efforts cover the coastal, beach, and river locations. The monitoring ranges from physical coastal and river processes, to birds and ecological activities. The USACE Engineering Research and Development Center, Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory's, Field Research Facility (FRF) is assisting with the coastal monitoring. The bird and ecological monitoring is being conducted by contractors through the District. For more information on the monitoring choose from the links on the left.