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Wilmington Harbor Project- Program Monitoring Links

Welcome to the associated link page of the Wilmington Harbor Monitoring Programs web site.

NOAA National Data Buoy Center's east coast network.
   These sites have wave information and/or weather information that can be viewed and downloaded.

RD Instruments- Acoustic Doppler Solutions
   Manufacturer of ADCP and other marine instruments that provide profiles of water currents.

Wilmington Harbor Deepening Project- Wilmington District
   Information about project and related subjects, maps, history, and links.

Aerial Photos of Bald Head Island
   Brunswick Beaches Consortium- photos of Bald Head Island before and after sand placement.

Port of Wilmington Information
   Port facts, maps, sailing schedules, etc.

USGS Station at Cape Fear River- Kelly, NC
   Site contains real-time information including precipitation amounts in the area and river discharge, as well as a map of the region surrounding the station.

Dredging Contract Plans
   Electronic Bid Set Database from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wilmington District

See project drawings for Snow Marsh Dredging Contract below:

File "c" below is the viewer for reading the .cals drawings. This viewer requires an associated .svd file for viewing. This free reader cannot open native CALS or TIFF files and requires that you open a .svd file (file "b"). This software works with Windows machines.

To view Location Map Drawing for Snows Marsh through Baldhead Shoals Dredging:
1. Download the following files into the same folder:
      a. (slide 1) -right click and "Save as..."
      b. snowmrsh.svd
      c. Svreader.exe (viewer) - see commands below
2. Open "Svreader.exe"
3. Choose "File >> Open..."
4. Select "snowmrsh.svd WilmHbr, 96 Act, Snow Mrsh" as an *.svd file
5. Click "OK" to view map
6. To view entire report and additional pages, download and extract this file:, then open "Svreader.exe" as listed above

Commands : F6 : Zoom In, F7 : Zoom Out, PageUp : Previous Slide, PageDown : Next Slide)